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I love a good medium rare rib-eye, garlic mash potatoes and a nice glass of red. But I'm not having it for dinner every night. Just like my art work, I'm hella not gonna do the same thing every day!


I’m always exploring different types of media, styles and especially ideas to create unique works. I put a lot of thought into my work and it's not all about creating eye candy fluff.


My art is for people who think, appreciate originality and don't buy into what's "trending."


Life is Art



Born in Hiroshima, Japan to a US serviceman from Maui and to a bank teller from Hiroshima who spoke French and listened to Hank Williams. Being a military brat, my 4 brothers and I grew up all over the US and overseas.





You can find me and other wonderful artists at:



3/11/2016 Interview-artist-carl-yoshihara






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